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Rejection is something we all face at some point in our lives. Even though it is inevitable, and fairly universal, it can have a lasting effect on individuals.

Rejection comes in many different forms, on many different platforms and in many different contexts – friendships, romantic relationships, online relationships, the workplace.

From declined friend requests or unfollows on social media, to heartbreak and broken trust in important relationships, rejection can be painful, harsh, and can affect us deeply. Sometimes, for life.

Jesus experienced rejection in His life. You are not alone.

What the Bible says...

“I know the plans I have in mind for you – it is the Lord who speaks – plans for peace, not disaster, reserving a future full of hope for you.” - Jeremiah 29:11

What the Church says...

“[Jesus] knew what it was to feel misunderstood and rejected; he experienced the fear of suffering and he knew the frailty of the Passion. He turned his gaze to the future, entrusting himself into the Father’s safe hands in the strength of the Spirit. In Jesus, all the young can see themselves.” Pope Francis (Christus vivit, paragraph 31)


The effect of rejection on each one of us can be very different, but it is mostly negative. It can make us feel unwanted, unvalued, unappreciated, and abandoned. It can cause us to question who we are, and leave us feeling isolated. Though loneliness is painful, it is also a normal, healthy, human emotion that we all share. In our loneliness, we are not alone.

Eventually, we may find that the rejection was good for us in the long run, because we learned from it and grew stronger, but it doesn’t mean that we bypass the painful experience.

Sometimes moments of rejection point us towards the people God has placed in our lives – our support systems, willing and able to journey with us and help us through difficult times. These can be family, friends, peers or even strangers.

In these moments we can also reach out to the one who loves us the most; God’s beloved, Jesus. He wants to be our friend, someone who we can find comfort and consolation in. Despite the pain that we are experiencing, we are called to trust in his plan to give us a hope.

Plants often need pruning in order to produce more fruit. The pruning cuts heal and enable a more fruitful yield. In a similar way, when we exercise our muscles, the process can sometimes be painful, but once they have healed and recovered, our muscles become stronger and are able to take more load and resistance. These are good reminders for us that often, painful times are times of growth and strength.

God created us, redeemed us, has a special purpose for us, and loves us so much that God wants to spend eternity with us.

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